Enrollment Application

The Enrollment Process

At Children Today Montessori we encourage parents of prospective enrollees to tour our facility, see our classes, and ask questions to see if our school would be a good fit for their family. We hope that the parents of our children have an understanding of and support for the Montessori Method employed here at Children Today Montessori. The enrollment process, complete with school visits, allows families to see the Montessori Method in action, learn about our school, and observe the love for learning exemplified by our children.

Steps to Enroll

    1. Tour – The first step in enrollment is to take a tour of our school. Tours are offered every weekday and are typically scheduled at 10:00 a.m. Tours give prospective families an opportunity to see our facility, briefly observe classes in session, and ask any questions they may have about the school and/or the Montessori environment. Our director typically gives the tours and is able to provide detailed information about what makes Children Today Montessori unique as well as information about our wonderful staff and the use of Montessori Method. The tour also allows Children Today Montessori to better understand each family’s expectations and needs so that we may better serve that family.
    1. Application – If parents would like to move forward after the tour, we ask that they complete an application and pay a $150.00 registration fee to hold the child’s place in the class. This application is available for download on our website. Additionally, we request a transcript for all transfer students who are four years or older.
    1. Interview with Teacher – A teacher spend sometime interacting with the child. This interview might not be with your child’s teacher.
    1. Acceptance – The teacher and administration then decide whether or not Children Today Montessori would be a good fit for the child and make an acceptance decision. Acceptance to the school is based on several factors such as readiness of the child for the Montessori environment and the family’s support for the methods and philosophy used by the school.
    1. Final Paperwork – After acceptance to the school is extended, additional paperwork required by the State of Georgia is given to the family to complete. Families will also receive a handbook outlining the policies and procedures of Children Today Montessori at this time. Once the forms have been completed, the enrollment process is complete. Please note that an annual supply fee is charged during the child’s first month of school.
    1. Transition Week – We believe that the child’s start in the Montessori classroom should be a positive experience and avoid any causing the child to experience any trauma. For this reason, we offer a complementary one week transition period to allow the child to ease into the classroom environment. During this week, the child attends his/her class for one hour the first day, two hours the second day, and so on. This transition gives children an opportunity to experience the loving and nurturing environment that we offer at Children Today Montessori and learn to trust that their parents will always return for them.

We Appreciate Your Interest in Children Today Montessori!

We invite families from the Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Milton, and surrounding metro Atlanta areas to tour our facility to see if Children Today Montessori would be a good fit for your family! Children Today Montessori provides an inclusive environment, welcoming children regardless of race, gender, color, religion, or national origin.

A child may be admitted to Children Today Montessori at any time of the year due to the individualized nature of the Montessori curriculum.

We hope to see you soon and look forward to welcoming your family into our loving and nurturing learning environment.

Enrollment Application

Please note this application form is a pdf. To open this application form, you must have either Adobe© Acrobat© or Reader© installed on your computer.